These are current classes of my own design:

  • Thought Experiments, Verbal Disputes, and Cognitive Benefits: What’s Philosophy? (Philosophical Methodology, Metaphilosophy)
  • The Role of Emotions in Ethical Reasoning (Ethics, Moral Psychology)
  • Emotion and Cognition (Philosophy of Mind, Moral Psychology)
  • Brentano’s Philosophy of Mind (taught in Fall 2018) (Philosophy of Mind, Phenomenology)
  • Data and Digitalization: What is “data” and how does it transform our thinking? (Applied Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Sociology)
  • Philosophy as a Scientific Discipline (Metaphilosophy, Philosophy of Science)
  • Open-Mindedness (Ethics of Belief, Epistemology)
  • Emotions and Virtues in the Nicomachean Ethics (Ancient, Moral Psychology, Ethics)