I got interviewed by philosophie.ch about my research on attention. Have a look!

The interview is in English, with German, French, Italian, and English subtitles.



  • Sept 13, 2021: Leading a discussion at the Café Philosophique in Berne, on the topic of Ethics of Attention (postponed due to Corona)
  • Jan 16, 2021: Philosophy in Everyday Life; at Zürcher Philosophiefestival.
    Interactive talk in which participants confronted me with a mundane question (such as: Should I clean my apartment today?), and I then got 5-10 minutes to reveal the philosophical issues entailed in that question.
  • Nov 19, 2020: Panelist on the topic of The Relationship between Science and Society, together with Matthias Zehnder and Philipp Burkard, at Ciné Rex, Berne
    (postponed due to Corona)